Commitment to sustainable development.

At SPLOT, we take environmental issues seriously, and its protection is also our ambition. While there are hundreds of small procedures we follow to ensure a positive environmental and social impact, our goals can be largely broken down into four key areas.

1. Local production
SPLOT produces its furniture from 100% natural materials that come from local areas. They are all manufactured by a certified manufacturer. As a result, our products strictly comply with EU environmental standards and industry certifications, which are among the most reliable in the world.

We work with local producers and artisans to ensure that the highest environmental and social standards are adhered to throughout our supply chain. It also enables us to work with suppliers who embody our values ​​and employ certified processes that target environmentally and socially responsible practices. We strive to control and reduce the geographic dispersion of our supply chain, reducing unnecessary load between our production sites and reducing the hidden carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.

2. Logistics
Where possible, all furniture is shipped fully assembled. This allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of inefficient shipping practices and ensures that 'air transport' is kept to an absolute minimum. As the furniture is made to order, we do not use large areas for their storage, which allows us to save transport time and the environment.

As a consumer-facing brand, we are also able to ensure that a product is not shipped unnecessarily to a separate warehouse before it is shipped to its final destination, as is the case with many retail brands.

3. Production quality
Our furniture and accessories are unique, made of the highest quality natural raw materials by experienced craftsmen. We mainly work with wood. We do not mark its natural defects, because they make the target furniture unique. We only use raw material from sustainable forest felling.

4. Materials
Quality is the deciding factor in choosing the materials to make our products, never price. We will constantly strive to ensure that all materials used are sourced as sustainably and ethically as possible and that we can stand the test of time. We take pride in the materials we select and believe it is essential to maintain responsible use of the materials.

This unique quality and additional value of the furniture and accessories we design are confirmed by the Certificate of Authenticity - a document signed by our designers and craftsmen supervising the implementation of each unique order.