Feed your weave moods!

Traditional craftsmen techniques used by the people of Podlasie were a direct inspiration of our brand's origin.
However, we generally appreciate good design - the one in which we see a reflection of our Modern Folklore spirit.
These are some of the concepts, which we find very influential and worth following:

A project by Polish designer Agnieszka Bar inspired by
an old Kashubian (a region in the Northern Poland) tradition.
Ages ago, the local people learnt from Nature that wicker
is a good protector against water and moisture.
They mastered a technique of woven it into functional,
long-lasting objects. In „Braided”, Bar transmitted the unique,
uneven structure of those handmade artifacts into a set of glass items.
She used the natural features of the willow to preserve an authentic
touch and feel of the traditional wicker patterns.
This collection of straw objects and fashion accessories
designed by Brasilian designers Brunno Jahara and Ana Voss
is a celebration of traditional handmade crafts of the people
of Rio de Janeiro. Those useful caps, baskets, shoes and luminaries
demonstrate the true nature of a simple straw - universal, decorative
and long-lasting. For us - it is modern folklore at its best!
This series of seating objects designed by Tom Strala
explores the possibilities of rattan as a technical
and aesthetic material. The designer wanted to create
objects of a relaxed modernity – something interesting
in form but also comfortable and easy to use.
„Seefelder” adds poetry to everyday life - the warmth
of rattan material brings in a feeling of a holiday cottage.
Every piece of this collection (made in a small manufactory)
is a celebration of beauty and simplicity, but also a manifest
against the sterile and arduous design.
Designer Simone Porte Jacquemus celebrated the 10th
anniversary of his label with a spectacular fashion show.
Instead of inviting international fashion editors, buyers,
celebrities and other fashion admirers to an industrial hall
or a spacious palace in Paris, he set the catwalk…
in a lavender field in the South of France. This Spring/Summer
2020 collection, called „Le Coup de Soleil”, was a homage
to his beloved Provence - the place where he was born
and which has strongly influenced his future career.
We could not miss the stunning, woven accessories
like hats and bags, which added the country-holiday
vibe to those stylish silhouettes.
This nature-inspired project was created by Polish designer
born in Minsk, Belarus - Wiktoria Szawiel.
It is a cross-combination of an artistic installation
(photographs taken in post-industrial spaces) and functional
design (set of everyday furniture made from natural materials).
Why such a title? „I dreamt about places, and I dreamt
about landscapes, and I recalled familiar memories
of sounds, views, feelings. From those little notions
of a space, of light, of atmosphere, my project emerged.”
The aim was to capture the beauty and the spirituality
of an eastern landscape within physical objects, such
as a chair, a side table or a stool.
Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, a designer-architect duo
from Milan, are renowned for their approach to the process of designing. They combine contemporary needs of a modern
society with a deep understanding of the historical and cultural
background of the objects. The Panama collection is a perfect example. This set of sitting furniture was inspired by the shadows
that palm trees cast over Italian terraces while swaying
in the ocean breeze. All pieces are made with rope woven
around the frames in a way which will allow the natural play of light and shadows, vas the sunlight moves through the skyline over them.